Unit 1   1D Present simple: questions, page 11

Exercise 1

1 Does; doesn’t

2 Do; do

3 Do; don’t

4 Do; don’t

5 Does; does

6 Do; do

Exercise 2

2 Does Rosie live in an apartment? Yes, she does.

3 Does Rosie work in London? No, she doesn’t.

4 Does Edward speak Spanish? No, he doesn’t.

5 Do Rosie and Edward like cooking? No, they don’t.

6 Does Edward play football? Yes, he does.

7 Do Rosie and Edward go out a lot? Yes, they do.

Exercise 3

2 Why do you like Angelina Jolie?

3 When do you have lunch?

4 Which sports do they do?

5 What do you want for dinner?

6 Who do you live with?

Exercise 4

a 6

b 5

d 2

e 4

f 3


Challenge! page 11

1 Where do you live? I live in Ukraine.

2 How does your best friend travel to school? My best friend goes to school.

3 Who do you sit next to in class? Nastya sitting next to me. 

4 What do you have for breakfast? I have sandwich and tea for breakfast.