Unit 1   1G A messagePreparation, page 14

Exercise 1

a T

b T

c  F

Exercise 2

  Para 1 Para 2 Not there
his name V    
his hobbies   V  
his pets     V
his age V    
his favourite actor   V  
his favourite sports team     V
where he lives V    
his class at school V    
his favourite singer     V

Exercise 3

1 d

2 f

3 a

4 c

5 b

6 e

Exercise 4

1 on, at; with

2 at; in, for

3 on; at

4 in; for

5 to, by; with, to

Exercise 5


Hi! 1 My name is Natalia. I'm twelve.

2 I'm in class 6A.

3 I'm from Ukraine.

4 We live with our mum, dad and brother in a flat here in Lviv.

5. I love music. I like sing and dance.

6 My favourite singer is S.Vakarchuk.

7 I play volleyball and I like to read a book.