Unit 2     2G An announcementPreparation, page 22, 23, 24, 25

Exercise 1

1 join

2 Come

3 Bring

4 Phone

5 Don’t forget

6 Visit

Exercise 2  

1 They meet every Friday evening at six o’clock.

2 They meet at Fran’s house.

3 They watch and talk about their favourite DVDs.

4 They decide on the next four films.

5 You can phone Fran for information.

Exercise 3

1 Make new friends.

2 Call this number.

3 Join our club.

4 Visit our website.

5 Do gymnastics and get fit.

6 Talk about your favourite hobby.

Challenge! page 4

1 Complete; Use

2 Choose

3 Write

4 Look

5 Listen

Writing guide

Exercise 4

Students’ own answers


2 Culture Extra The Olympic Games, page 23

Exercise 1

Winter sports: ice skating, Alpine skiing, bobsleigh, crosscountry skiing, ski jumping

Summer sports: cycling, swimming, football, rowing, sailing,

tennis, canoeing

Exercise 2

1 The Olympic Games are over 100 years old.

2 The Games are held every four years.

3 There are two types of games (winter and summer); the winter

Olympics are held two years after the summer games; there

are two symbols of the games

4 Over 10,000 athletes compete in the summer games.

5 Over 3,000 athletes compete in the winter games.

6 There are five coloured rings on the Olympic flag.

Exercise 3  

1 judges

2 flame

3 career

4 contestant

5 drugs

6 break records

Exercise 4

1 go

2 does

3 play

4 go

5 do

6 play

Challenge! page 24

Students’ own answers


Get Ready for your Exam 1, page 24

Listening task LISTENING 16

Presenter Welcome to Fox FM local news! This morning we have in the studio

Bob Partridge from the Kingsbridge Summer Festival. He’s here to tell us about

events next weekend. Hello, Bob. So, what is the next event in the Kingsbridge

summer calendar?

Bob Well, you need your trainers for our next event – the Kingsbridge ten

kilometre race and the family fun run! There are races for everybody. Run fast,

run slow, run for fun, run for a medal, run for charity. Just come down and run!

Presenter Sounds good. When are these races, Bob?

Bob There are three races, and they start in the town centre on Saturday 16th July.

Presenter What time do the races start?

Bob The first race starts at 9 a.m. It’s the Kingsbridge ten kilometre run. This is

the race for athletes and for anyone who is a regular runner.

Presenter When does the next run start?

Bob The family fun run begins at 9.15. It’s three kilometres long and it’s for

everybody: parents, grandparents, older children, friends. You all run together

and there is a medal for everyone at the finish!

Presenter It does sound fun! What’s the third race?

Bob This is the young children’s race and it’s at 9.30. It’s 500 metres long and it’s

for children aged ten and under. All the children get a prize at the end of the race.

Presenter That sounds great for children. Is there any other information on the

races, Bob?

Bob Well, at around 9.40, the winners of the ten kilometre race arrive at the

finish line! The first three men and the first three women win prizes. Everyone

else gets a medal for finishing the race.

Presenter OK everybody – go and join Bob and friends on Saturday 16th

from nine o’clock in the morning. Go and run! Or go and cheer your family and

friends! See you there!

1 T

2 F

3 F

4 T

5 T

6 T

7 T

Reading preparation page 24

a 4

b 5

Reading task page 24

1 C

2 E

3 B

4 A

Use of English task,  page 25

1 A

2 B

3 A

4 C

5 A

6 C

7 C

8 C

Writing task page 25

Students’ own answers

Speaking task page 25

Students’ own answers