Unit 4     4A Clothes, page 34

Exercise 1

t c h h a t x j e a n s

r c b o o t s o e e d v

a a u i k r h g m e r l

c r u j z o o g t s e e

k d x d a u e e t c s g

s i a p o s s r i a s g

u g l o v e s s c r e i

i a a d h r q u i f s n

t n s e c s k i r t o g

s w e a t s h i r t c s

w j a c k e t s e y k s

e p i l k s h o r t s o

Across hat, jeans, boots, gloves, skirt, sweatshirt, jacket, shorts

Down tracksuit, cardigan, trousers, shoes, joggers, scarf, dress,

socks, leggings

Exercise 2 LISTENING 22

1 She’s got shoes and a black dress. She’s got a white jacket and a scarf.

2 She’s got black leggings and a black top. She’s got trainers and white socks.

She’s got a cardigan.

3 He’s got jeans and a white sweatshirt. He’s got trainers and a black hat.

1 Emily 2 Faith 3 Rory

Exercise 3 LISTENING 22

1 dress; jacket, scarf

2 leggings; socks; cardigan

3 sweatshirt; trainers, hat.

Exercise 4

Students’ own answers

Vocabulary Builder (Part 2): Describing people

Exercise 5

2 curly

3 long

4 fair

5 beard

6 tall, short

Students’ own answers


Challenge! page 34

Possible answer He’s tall with short straight hair. He’s got jeans and

a white T-shirt. He’s wearing dark shoes and a black hat.