Unit 4     4G An invitation  Preparation, page 40, 41, 42, 43

Exercise 1

1 I’m having a party

2 Hope you can come

3 Love

4 Hi

5 Please let me know

Exercise 2

Gracie’s party Blake’s party

Day and date Sat. 12th May Fri. 16th June

Start time 8.30 p.m. 4 o’clock

Venue Gracie’s house Village Hall

Special occasion birthday end of exams

What to bring music burgers

Exercise 3

2 a Can you reply by phone, please?

3 d Can you wear fancy dress, please?

4 b Can you bring some food and drink, please?

Writing guide

Exercise 4

1 etc.

2 St

3 e.g.

Exercise 5

Students’ own answers

Exercise 6

Students’ own answers


4 Culture Extra, Shopping , page 41

Exercise 1

mugs, T-shirts, pottery, honey, local food, jam, jewellery,

pens, crafts

Exercise 2

1 f

2 a

3 b

4 e

5 c

Exercise 3

1 sport

2 mother

3 lucky


5 buys food

6 buys something

Exercise 4

1 butcher’s

2 beads

3 crafts

4 fishmonger’s

5 dishes

6 pickles

7 goat

8 greengrocer’s

Exercise 5

Students’ own answers


Get Ready for your Exam 2, page 42

Reading task

1 A

2 C

3 B

4 C

5 C

Listening task LISTENING 25

1 Maria I’m eighteen on Saturday and I’m having a party. I’m really looking

forward to it. It’s in a restaurant, and all my family and friends are coming.

We’re having dinner first, then there’s a band, so we can all dance! I’ve got a

fantastic new dress. It’s long and red. I feel very grown up when I wear it.

2 James I’m going to a concert next month. It’s my very first concert. I’ve got

two tickets to see my favourite band of all time – Biffy Clyro. It’s in London.

I’m taking my best friend Alex. My dad’s driving us there. Then we’re staying

in a hotel that night. I’m so excited. I can’t wait.

3 Saffy My brother’s getting married and I’m his bridesmaid. I have to wear a

long dress. I really don’t like dresses; I prefer jeans. But I’m happy about the

wedding. It’s in a big hotel in the city. It’s quite a big wedding party; eighty

people are coming. My brother’s a bit nervous, but I’m looking forward to it,

apart from the dress!

4 Marcus I’ve got an important tennis tournament to play this weekend. And I

want to win it. It’s my last chance to win the under-eighteens championship.

I compete every year but I never win it. I’m always second! But this year my

tennis is really good and I think that I can win it. I’m nervous, but excited, too.

5 Clare My sister Paula is having a baby next month. Paula is very big now.

She’s feeling fine, but she can’t walk very fast! We don’t know if it’s a boy or

girl. Paula says she doesn’t mind, she just wants it to be healthy. But I want it

to be a boy, because we haven’t got a brother


Use of English preparation 

a plays

b is playing


Use of English task 

1 There are

2 any

3 live

4 have to

5 some

6 goes

7 is studying

8 doesn’t have to

9 is doing