Unit 5     5F In a café, page 49

Exercise 1

1 garlic

2 curry

3 chips

4 stir

5 sandwich

6 juice

7 Coffee

Exercise 2 LISTENING 29

The mushroom soup is three ninety-five. //

The chicken and ham pie is nine pounds twenty-five. //

The salmon salad is six seventy-five. //

The banana milkshake is two pounds ninety-five.

a £3.95 b £9.25 c £6.75 d £2.95

Exercise 3

1 I’d like an orange juice.

2 Can I have the curry, please?

3 Can I help you?

4 Here you are.

5 Anything to drink?

Exercises 4 and 5 LISTENING 30

Kirsty Hello. Can I help you?

Ryan Yes. Let me see … Can I have the curry, please?

Kirsty Yes, certainly. Anything to drink?

Ryan Yes, please. I’d like an orange juice.

Kirsty So, vegetable curry and an orange juice. Here you are. Is that all?

Ryan Yes, it is.

Kirsty Great. That’s £8.10, please.

Ryan Thank you.

1 Can I help you?

2 Can I have the curry, please?

3 Anything to drink?

4 I’d like an orange juice.

5 Here you are.

6 8.10

Exercise 6

2 My friend would like a sandwich.

3 We’d like some more coffee.

4 Would your dad like some cake?

5 I’d like to go home now.

6 My mum would like sugar in her tea.

7 Would you like to go out for dinner?


Exercise 7

Students’ own answers

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