Unit 6     6G A note Preparation, page 60, 61, 62, 63

Exercise 1

1 thank; so much

2 pleased; news

3 phoned; message

4 shame; sorry

Exercise 2

1 d

2 b

3 a

4 c

Exercise 3

2 e

3 a

4 i

5 c

6 h

7 d

8 g

9 b

Exercise 4

1 It’s a fantastic achievement. / We’re very proud of you. / Well done!

2 Get well soon. / We’re all thinking of you.

3 What a lovely surprise! / It was really kind of you.

4 Please phone him on his mobile. / It’s urgent.

Exercise 5

1 b

2 c

3 d

4 a

Writing guide

Exercise 6

Students’ own answers


6 Culture Extra  London attractions, page 61

Exercise 1 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 2 

Students’ own answers

Exercise 3 

1 b

2 c

3 b

4 b

5 c

Exercise 4 

1 puts on

2 queue

3 celebrities

4 fairground

5 whales

6 skeleton


Challenge! page 61

Students’ own answers


Get Ready for your Exam 3, page 62

Reading preparation 

1 d

2 f

3 b

4 e

5 a

6 c

Reading task 

1 T

2 F

3 F

4 F

5 T

6 F

Listening preparation 

Listening task $ LISTENING 35 

Presenter Welcome to Movie News! Today we have in the studio Kitty Williams,

a young British actress who is making her first film in America. We want to ask

her about her new Hollywood lifestyle. Hello, Kitty and welcome.

Kitty Thank you.

Presenter Kitty, you are living in Hollywood at the moment. Is the lifestyle

different to London?

Kitty Yes, it’s very different. For example, my friends in London never go to

a gym! But you have to be healthy in Hollywood. Film producers want you to

look good.

Presenter Well, you certainly look good! What do you do differently there?

Kitty First of all, I eat differently. That isn’t difficult, because it’s always very hot!

So I eat a lot of salads and drink a lot of water. But I’m vegetarian, so I usually eat

a lot of vegetables, anyway. But now I don’t eat chips or pasta so often!

Presenter Is it easy to find healthy food in Hollywood?

Kitty Yes, it is. In restaurants you can order your meal with no butter, no

mayonnaise, no sugar, and no salt! People can be very fussy eaters. But I’m not!

Presenter What else do you do to be healthy in Hollywood? Do you exercise?

Kitty Yes, I usually go running. I run in London and Hollywood. It’s easy to do

wherever you are. I get up in the morning, put on my trainers and go outside.

Then I run in one direction for twenty minutes. Then I run back again. Easy!

Everybody runs here, so you say hello to lots of people every morning!

Presenter Is there any exercise that you only do in Hollywood?

Kitty Yes. I go to yoga classes now. Everybody does yoga there. It helps you to

relax when you are making a film.

Presenter So, how do you feel with your new lifestyle?

Kitty I feel great – fit and healthy! But actually, I miss London. It’s much more fun!

Presenter And we miss you! Good luck with your new film!

Kitty Thank you!

1 A

2 C

3 B

4 B

5 C

Use of English task 

1 started

2 any

3 shouldn’t

4 don’t

5 shouldn’t

6 balanced

7 was

8 didn’t like

9 travelled

10 calls

Writing task 

Students’ own answers


Speaking preparation,  page 63

Exercise 1 

First picture in a restaurant, a waitress, serve the customer, seem

to be happy, have breakfast, pleasant and friendly atmosphere

Second picture seem to be happy, turkey, a family dinner, celebrate

Thanksgiving Day, in the dining room, pleasant and friendly


Speaking preparation

Exercise 2 

a people having a meal

b a man having breakfast, shows a family dinner

c they both show people enjoying their meals

d the man is having breakfast on his own


Speaking task 

Students’ own answers