Unit 7    7A On the map, page 64

Exercise 1

1 Italy

2 Spain

3 Britain

4 Japan

5 Australia

6 Sweden

Exercise 2

2 Lithuania; Lithuanian

3 Belarus; Belarussian

4 Ukraine; Ukrainian

5 Slovakia; Slovakian

6 Romania; Romanian

7 Poland; Polish

8 Turkey; Turkish

9 Brazil; Brazilian

10 China; Chinese

12 Egypt; Egyptian

13 Germany; German

Exercise 3 LISTENING 36

1 Marko Hi, my name’s Marko.

Lucy Nice to meet you. I’m Lucy. Where are you from, Marko?

Marko I’m from Croatia. What about you?

Lucy I’m from the Republic of Ireland.

2 Thomas Hi, I’m Thomas.

Maria Hi, Thomas. I’m Maria. Where are you from?

Thomas I’m from Paris.

Maria Paris? But you aren’t French, are you?

Thomas No, I’m not. I’m from Paris, Texas, in the USA. Where are you from, Maria?

Maria I’m from Spain.

3 Jan Hello. I’m Jan. Are you Ana?

Ana Yes, I am.

Jan Where are you from, Ana?

Ana I’m from Targu Mures.

Jan Is that in Romania?

Ana That’s right. What about you? Where are you from?

Jan I’m from the Czech Republic.

4 Hugo Hi, I’m Hugo.

Frith Hello, Hugo. Where are you from?

Hugo I’m from France. What about you? Where are you from?

Frith I’m from South Africa.

1 Irish

2 American; Spanish

3 Czech; Romanian

4 French; South African


Challenge! page 64

Students’ own answers

Vocabulary Builder (Part 2): make, do, have and take

Exercise 4

1 homework

2 housework

3 friends

4 a speech

5 a dream

6 a science lesson

7 a photo

8 a train

Exercise 5

2 take

3 make

4 take

5 make

6 have

7 does

8 have