Unit 7     7C Favourite Ukrainian actors, 66

Exercise 1

Students’ own answers

Exercise 2

1 F

2 F

3 T

4 F

5 T

6 T

Exercise 3

1 They work at the Ivan Franko Theatre in Kyiv.

2 She was five.

3 she worked for the Lesia Ukrainka Theatre for sixteen years.

4 She works with Roman Viktiuk and Yurii Ilienko.

5 She was a presenter on Movie Empire, Morning with Inter and

Place of Meeting. She also took part in Dancing with the Stars.

Exercise 4

1 When was she born?

2 What are her parents’ names?

3 Where did she study?

4 How long did she work at the National Academic Theatre?

5 How old was she when she started working?

6 Which role (has) brought her the greatest fame?


Challenge! page 66

Students’ own answers


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