Unit 7     7D Past simple negative and interrogative, page 67

Exercise 1

2 George didn’t go to London last weekend.

3 Joe didn’t wear his new jacket yesterday.

4 Pete didn’t invite Fred to his birthday party.

5 You didn’t send me an email.

6 Wendy didn’t leave home before nine o’clock.

7 My dad didn’t study German at school.

Exercise 2

2 I went to the theatre. / I didn’t go to the theatre.

3 I helped with the housework. / I didn’t help with the housework.

4 I played basketball. / I didn’t play basketball.

5 I read a book. / I didn’t read a book.

Exercise 3

2 How did you come to school this morning?

3 What did you do last Saturday morning?

4 What time did you get up last Sunday?

5 What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Students’ own answers

Exercise 4 LISTENING 39

Rosie Did you have a good weekend?

Rob No, not really.

Rosie Oh, why not?

Rob Well, on Saturday I wanted to play football with Sam, but the weather

was terrible.

Rosie So, what did you do then?

Rob We went to the cinema.

Rosie Was the film good?

Rob We didn’t see it. We took the wrong bus so we didn’t arrive on time.

Rosie Oh dear!

2 didn’t play 3 didn't go 4 didn’t see 5 didn’t take

Exercise 5

2 Did Rob and Sam play football? No, they didn’t.

3 Did Rob and Sam go to the cinema? Yes, they did.

4 Did Rob and Sam see a film? No, they didn’t.

5 Did Rob and Sam take the right bus? No, they didn’t.

Exercise 6

2 When did you come home last night?

3 Did Mum make a cake yesterday?

4 Kevin didn’t wear jeans to school.

5 We didn’t stay in last night. We went out.

6 ‘Did Jamie watch TV last night?’ ‘Yes, he did.’


Challenge! page 67

Students’ own answers