Unit 8     8D Superlative adjectives, page 75

Exercise 1

1 Jack Black is the funniest actor in Hollywood.

2 English is the most difficult subject at school.

3 Pizza is the tastiest food in the world.

4 The USA is the most exciting country in the world.

5 Chelsea are the best football team in the world.

6 Exams are the worst thing about school.

Exercise 2

1 The Amazon is the widest river in the world.

2 The Antarctic is the coldest continent in the world.

3 Asia is the biggest continent in the world.

4 Chimps are the most intelligent animals in the world.

5 Neptune is the furthest planet from the sun.

6 Mosquitoes are the most dangerous animals in the world.

7 Lionel Messi is the best football player in the world (probably).

8 Howler monkeys are the noisiest animals in the world.


Challenge! page 75

Students’ own answers


Exercise 3

2 What is the best day of the week?

3 Where is the most expensive shop in town?

4 What is the most interesting show on TV?

Students’ own answers

Exercise 4

1 Killer whales are faster than sharks.

2 Polar bears are the most largest predators on land.

3 August is the best month to climb Mount Fuji.

4 Dogs are much uglier than cats.

5 Antarctica has the worst climate in the world.

Exercise 5

1 the best 2 further 3 faster 4 more expensive

5 the biggest 6 the oldest 7 the most famous

8 younger 9 more modern 10 happier

11 the most interesting 12 larger