Unit 8     8G An advert Preparation, page 78, 79, 80, 81

Exercise 1

1 the

2 in

3 ’s got, has got

4 black

5 than

6 are

7 is

8 are

9 a

Exercise 2

1 They live in Africa.

2 It’s grey.

3 There are 3,000 in the wild today.

4 They use their horns for medicine.

5 People are destroying their habitat.

6 It’s asking for £3 a month.

Exercise 3

c (Help / give)

Exercise 4

2 nice so we went out.

3 Sunday so I didn’t go to school.

4 in danger so you can’t hunt

5 closed so you can’t go shopping.

Writing guide

Exercise 5

1 In the forests of China.

2 They’re black and white bears.

3 About 1,600.

4 Their habitat is disappearing.

Exercise 6

Students’ own answers


8 Culture Extra Ukrainian wonders, page 79

Exercise 1 

a Lake Synevyr

b Sofiyivsky Park

Exercise 2

1 blue

2 small

3 young

4 clean

5 cold

6 great

7 beauti ful

8 interesting

9 important

Exercise 3 

1 SP

2 LS

3 SP

4 SP

5 LS

6 LS

7 LS

Exercise 4 

1 more beautiful / the most beautiful

2 small / smaller / the smallest

3 interesting / more interesting / the most interesting

4 clean / cleaner / the most clean

5 important / more important / the most important

6 cold / colder / the most cold

7 blue / more blue / the most blue

8 young / younger / the youngest

9 great / greater / the greatest


Challenge! page 79

Students’ own answers


Get Ready for your Exam 4, page 80

Reading task 

1 E

2 B

3 A

4 F

5 D

Listening task LISTENING 45 

Jenny Welcome to this week’s British Breaks. Today we are looking at outdoor

holidays in the southwest of England. First, we go to Tom reporting from

Exmoor National Park in North Devon. Over to you, Tom.

Tom Thank you, Jenny. Here I am in Exmoor National Park. I’m standing in a

beautiful valley, beside a river. There are green hills all around. I’m all alone. I

can’t see anyone. I can only hear the water. It is very calm and quiet. This is very

unusual in southern England! Exmoor is an amazing place. And there are so

many ways to enjoy it. I’m staying here for a few days to explore the park, and

here are my suggestions so far

First of all – walking. Exmoor is the perfect place to go walking. There are over

1,000 kilometres of walks through woods and valleys, beside lakes, and along

beaches. The best thing is that it’s free – you just need to bring strong walking

shoes and lots of water to drink. The Exmoor National Park website has a

fantastic list of guided walks.

Exmoor is also great for cycling. There are lots of cycling maps for easy and

more difficult routes. There are also many organised cycling groups that you

can join. Just remember to ride slowly because of walkers and horses!

And finally, climbing. I went climbing for the first time yesterday and it was a

great experience. There are a number of outdoor centres in the national park.

Their climbing instructors can help you to climb if you are a beginner like me,

or to improve your climbing skills. You have to follow all the safety advice and

learn to use the equipment, but it’s exciting! Exmoor is perfect for climbers. It

has some of the highest sea cliffs for climbing in the UK.

So, there is something for everyone. It’s really beautiful here and I can

recommend it for all the family! Back to you in the studio, Jenny.

1 river

2 national park

3 1,000

4 water

5 (cycling) groups

6 climbing

7 outdoor centres


Use of English task, page 81

1 A

2 A

3 C

4 C

5 D

6 B

7 C

8 D

9 C

10 A

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