Unit 9     9B going to, page 83

Exercise 1

2 are going to watch

3 ’re going to play

4 is going to get

5 are going to cook

6 ’s going to visit

7 ’m going to surf

8 are going to travel

Exercise 2

2 I’m going to visit family. / I’m not going to visit family.

3 I’m going to go shopping. / I’m not going to go shopping.

4 I’m going to study for an exam. / I’m not going to study for

an exam.

5 I’m going to play computer games. / I’m not going to play

computer games.

6 I’m going to tidy my bedroom. / I’m not going to tidy my


Exercise 3 LISTENING 47

Toby Hi, Olivia! How are you?

Olivia I’m fine, thanks, Toby. I’m just getting ready for my holiday.

Toby Oh, really. Where are you going to go?

Olivia Spain – next week.

Toby Lovely. Freya and I are going to France next week.

Olivia Are you going to go by plane?

Toby No, we’re going to drive there in our car. What about you? Are you going

to fly?

Olivia Yes, I am. First class, in fact. Well, it’s a nice way to start the holiday.

Toby Yes, I’m sure.

Olivia And I’m going to stay in a five-star hotel by the sea.

Toby Very nice. We aren’t going to stay in a hotel. We’re going to camp.

Olivia Oh … well, it’s cheap, I suppose.

Toby We like camping.

Olivia Is the campsite near the sea?

Toby No, it’s in the mountains. We’re going to go climbing every day.

Olivia Really? I’m not into climbing. I’m going to spend every day on the

beach – and every night, I’m going to visit a different nightclub!

Toby There aren’t any nightclubs in the mountains.

Olivia Oh. So what are you going to do at night?

Toby We’re going to sleep!

  Olivia Toby and Freya
Flying V X
Camping X V
Sunbathing V X
Dancing V X

Exercise 4

2 Is Olivia going to stay at a campsite? No, she isn’t.

3 Are Freya and Toby going to stay in a hotel? No, they aren’t.

4 Is Olivia going to go to the beach? Yes, she is.

5 Are Freya and Toby going to go climbing? Yes, they are.

Exercise 5 

2 I’m going to be 3 are you going to stay?

4 ’re not going to stay 5 ’re going to spend

6 ’re going to visit 7 ’s going to be 8 ’m going to work

9 isn’t going to be


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