Unit 9     9D will, page 85

Exercise 1

1 The next World Cup will be in Asia.

2 He won’t remember your name.

3 Our English exam won’t be easy.

4 I won’t be late for school tomorrow.

5 My cousins will be on holiday next month.

6 We won’t need a coat today.

Exercise 2

2 I’ll have children. / I won’t have children.

3 I’ll earn a lot of money. / I won’t earn a lot of money.

4 I’ll be a teacher. / I won’t be a teacher.

5 I’ll write a novel. / I won’t write a novel.

6 I’ll become famous. / I won’t become famous.


Challenge! page 85

Students’ own answers

Exercise 3

2 Will the Olympic Games take place next year? Yes, they will. /

No, they won’t.

3 Will you have an exam next week? Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.

4 Will tomorrow be Friday? Yes, it will. / No, it won’t.

5 Will you go to university next year? Yes, I will. / No, I won’t.

Exercise 4 LISTENING 49

Luke Do you want to go to the Halloween party at Tramps this year?

Erin I’m not sure. Will we know anyone there?

Luke Yes, you will. Amy and Lola will go. Their uncle works at the nightclub.

Erin When is it?

Luke Next Friday. It will be a great party, I’m sure. Tickets will cost £10 on the

night, but we can buy them now for £6.

Erin Oh, but I won’t be here next Friday. I’ve got a job interview in London.

Luke Well, the party won’t finish until late. What time is your train home?

Erin Around five o’clock. I’ll get home at about nine o’clock.

Luke Will you want to go out again?

Erin Yes, probably. I’ll need a laugh after my interview!

1 Will we know

2 will

3 ’ll be

4 will cost

5 won’t be

6 won’t finish

7 ’ll get

8 Will you want

9 ’ll need