Get Ready for your Exam 5, page 98, 99

Listening task  LISTENING 57

1 Gary I’ve just been to Europe for the first time. I went backpacking with my

friend Ian. We travelled around, mostly by train, sometimes by bus and once

by scooter! We got scooters in Greece and drove round the island of Andros.

It was fantastic but a bit dangerous at times!

2 Sandie We’ve just been to the USA to visit my mum’s sister in Florida. The

holiday was amazing, but I hated the journey. I went on a plane for the first time,

and I really didn’t like it. It was worse flying back because I knew what to expect!

3 Felix I’ve been to Spain before, but this year I travelled there by ship for the

first time. We drove to the coast in England and put the car on the ship. The

journey to Santander took twenty hours. It was OK until we reached the Bay

of Biscay. Then I was really sick! It was awful!

4 Sophia In the summer holidays we usually go to Italy to visit my dad’s

family in Pisa. We drive through France to get there. It takes a couple of

days, and I hate the journey. But this year I went by plane by myself! It was

wonderful. I felt so grown up.

5 Luke I’m not keen on travelling, except on my motorbike. I’ve travelled all

over the country on it. I usually take my girlfriend and we go to concerts and

festivals. We take our tent and we take our time getting there. It’s so relaxing.

It’s the only way to travel.

A 3

B –

C 4

D 1

E 5

F 2

Reading preparation

a There are five emails.

b There are six missing sentences.

Reading task

1 I

2 B

3 E

4 D

5 C

6 F

Use of English task,  page 99

1 B

2 B

3 A

4 D

5 C

6 A

7 B

8 D

9 C

10 B

Writing task

Students’ own answers

Speaking task

Students’ own answers

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