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UNIT I. ІА, page 4

Exercise 1  

Materials: cotton, nylon, velvet
Patterns: checked, flowery, spotty, stripy
Shape: full-length, loose, short, tight
Texture: fluffy, lacy, smooth
Other: long-sleeved, matching


Exercise 2
1 cool +

2 awful –

3 trendy +

4 elegant +

5 great +
6 beautiful +

7 old-fashioned –

8 smart +


Exercise 3
3 It’s a trendy, baggy top.
4 They’re spotty, wool socks.
5 They’re stylish, stripy trousers.
6 They’re scruffy, brown high-heeled boots.
7 It’s a cute, furry jacket.

1 Lizzie Hi Steve. How was your weekend?
Steve Really bad. I went shopping with my mum to get some new trousers. I tried on lots, but I didn’t like any of them. We had a big argument and in the end we went home without buying any trousers. I bought this, though. What do you think?
Lizzie Well, it’s a plain, grey T-shirt, Steve.
Steve Don’t you like it?
Lizzie Sorry, but I think it looks really scruffy.
Steve You’re just as bad as my mum!


2 Andy Hello Beth. What are you doing here?
Beth Hi Andy. I need some new clothes, so I was hoping to find something cheap in the sales.
Andy Have you had any luck yet?
Beth Well … I bought some shiny, black trousers in the shop next door. Do you want to see them?
Andy Go on then. Let’s have a look.
Beth There! What do you think?
Andy Really trendy!
Beth I just need to find a top to go with them now.
Andy Well, good luck!


3 Laura Hiya. You’re late. Where have you been?
Craig I’m exhausted! I’ve been in town all day trying to find you something nice for your birthday.
Laura I was wondering what was in that bag. Can I see?
Craig Sure. Here you are. Happy Birthday!
Laura Wow! The box is quite big.
Craig Go on. Open it, then!
Laura Oh! You’ve got me some sparkly, red shoes!
Craig I hope they’re the right size. Why don’t you try them on and see?
Laura They’re really cute! Thanks Craig.


4 Martin Right, I’m ready to go. How about you, Sarah?
Sarah Yes. Just a minute. I have to find some shoes.
Martin Are you wearing those? They’re awful!
Sarah Sorry, but I like them! Anyway, what are you wearing under your jacket?
Martin I’m wearing that tight, yellow top I bought yesterday.
Sarah Take off your jacket, then and let’s have a look.
Martin Oh, all right. Well?
Sarah Um … It’s a bit old-fashioned.
Martin Well, I’m not getting changed again, so let’s just go.

Exercise 4

  What did they buy? Does their friend like it?
How do they describe it?
1 a T-shirt no, it's scruffy
2 (some) trousers Yes, they’re (really) trendy.
3 a pair of shoes / some shoes Yes, they’re (really) cute.
4 a top No, it’s (a bit) old-fashioned.

Exercise 5






Exercise 6
1 high-heeled

2 tight-fitting

3 long-legged
4 old-fashioned

5 good-looking

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