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UNIT I. ІF, page 9

Exercise 1  

1 in

2 in

3 to

4 In

5 with

6 on


Exercise 2
2 a

3 f

4 b

5 c

6 e


Exercise 3
2 I’ve never really thought about that.
3 It’s difficult to say, really.
4 Let me think about that for a moment.
5 Well, I suppose …


The photo shows a scene in the street – maybe outside a restaurant or a club. There’s a car in the bottom left-hand corner of the photo. Er … let me see. It’s daytime, I think. But it doesn’t look very sunny - there aren’t any shadows.
The man and woman in sunglasses are celebrities. He looks like David Beckham. And the woman is his wife … er, what’s her name? Let me think about that for a moment … Victoria! Yes, they’re definitely David and Victoria Beckham. She’s wearing a white top with a black triangle on it. He’s wearing a big cardigan with a picture of horses on it. The people in the background look like journalists and cameramen.
The Beckhams look calm. David is putting his arm around Victoria and smiling. She isn’t smiling, but she doesn’t look worried. A man with a large watch is pointing to the car. He looks as though he’s telling the Beckhams to get in. I expect they’re leaving somewhere. The cameramen look as if they’re filming them.


Exercise 4
a 3

b 1

c 2


Exercise 5
1 doesn’t look

2 looks like

3 look like

4 look
5 doesn’t look

6 looks as though

Інші завдання дивись тут...