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UNIT 2. 2A, page 12

Exercise 1  

1 d

2 h

3 c

4 a

5 g

6 f

7 e

8 b


Exercise 2
1 about

2 with

3 of

4 with

5 of

6 about


Exercise 3

1 T

2 T

3 F

4 T

5 F

6 T


Presenter Hello and welcome to Mind over Matter. On today’s programme we’re going to discuss one of the most negative emotions a person can feel – jealousy. Psychologist Eleanor Pearce is here in the studio to tell us a bit about it. Eleanor?
Psychologist Well, you’re absolutely right, Jimmy, jealousy really is a negative emotion and it can create some very negative feelings, like being angry, feeling fed up and even depressed. Now, it’s very normal to feel jealous if an attractive person comes up to your boyfriend or girlfriend, and starts talking to them. However, you don´t become jealous just because the person you love is paying attention to someone else. In fact, the problem is inside you and is not caused by the situation or events happening at that moment.
Presenter So perhaps we feel jealous because we are afraid about something?
Psychologist Exactly. If you’re feeling jealous, it’s often because you don´t feel confident about yourself as a person. Your feelings of jealousy are related to your self-esteem; in other words, your own opinion of your character and your abilities. If your self-esteem is low, you can improve it by thinking positive thoughts about yourself. Every day, write down three things about yourself that make you happy. Another common cause for jealousy is fear and insecurity
about losing the person you are with. The best way of dealing with this is communication.
Presenter So, the best thing to do is talk about the problem …
Psychologist That’s right. Tell your boyfriend or girlfriend that you’re feeling jealous and ask them if they find the other person attractive. Their answer will probably make you feel more confident, and the fact that you asked the question in the first place will make you feel better.
Presenter Thank you, Eleanor Pearce, for that advice. And now the lines are open to take some calls from our listeners. And our first caller is …

Exercise 4
2 hesitation

3 pride

4 sadness

5 confusion

6 kindness

7 enjoyment

8 boredom

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