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UNIT 2. 2F, page 17

Exercise 1  

2 How rude!

3 What a shame!

4 What a mess!
5 What a shock!

6 How lucky!

7 How strange!


Exercise 2

1 g

2 h

3 d

4 a

5 f

6 b

7 c

8 c

9 e


Alan And now here’s Jamie Arndale with the week’s alternative news stories. Jamie, what have you got for us today?
Jamie Well, the first story is about a wedding, Alan.
Alan A wedding? Anyone we know?
Jamie No, no. This actually happened to an American couple: Katy Miles and Bill Sullivan.
Alan OK, so what happened?
Jamie Well, after the wedding – it was a romantic ceremony on a clifftop by the sea – the couple went down to the beach for the wedding photos. They found the perfect spot, right next to the water. The photographer took a few lovely shots and then disaster struck.
Alan Well, go on! Tell us what went wrong!
Jamie Remember that I told you they were standing very close to the sea?
Alan Yes.
Jamie Well, suddenly, this enormous wave came in and covered the couple with water. They were both extremely surprised and … completely wet!
Alan What a nightmare! So what did they do?
Jamie Well, what would you do? They got out of the sea and tried to dry themselves off. But then something else went wrong.
Alan What? What happened?
Jamie As they were leaving the beach, the man discovered that he’d lost his wedding ring – he thought he had lost it in the water.
Alan Oh no!
Jamie Yes, but don’t worry. He found it again. He went back to where they had been standing and looked around on the sand. And a few minutes later, he saw something shiny at the edge of the sea. It was his ring!
Alan That was lucky!
Jamie Yes, it was. Really lucky! So he picked up the ring, dried it off and put it back on his finger. Then he went back to his wife, who was waiting in the car, and they drove home.
Alan What a great story, Jamie! Have you got any more like that?

Exercise 3
1 Did you hear

2 Tell me about it.

3 suddenly
4 What a nightmare!

5 Eventually

6 That was lucky!


Exercise 4
1 what happened

2 about it

3 nightmare

4 eventually
5 lucky


Exercise 6
2 depressing

3 bored

4 pleased

5 shocking

6 annoying

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