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UNIT 2. Self Check, page 19

Exercise 1  

1 jealous
2 relieved
3 amusing
4 homesick
5 ashamed
6 disappointed
7 guilty
8 upset
9 shocked


Exercise 2
1 of
2 with
3 of
4 with
5 about
6 about
7 with

Exercise 3
1 a
2 c
3 b
4 c
5 b
6 a
7 b


Exercise 4
1 used to
2 get used to
3 isn’t used to
4 you use to
5 ’re / are used to
6 didn’t use to
7 got used to 


UNIT 2. Get ..., page 20, 21


Speaker 1 All governments try to control their citizens’ behaviour. It is how much a particular government controls public behaviour that is important. That is what the political system is based on. The policies of each political party represent a certain degree of control and affect the amount of personal freedom allowed. Everyone needs to consider this when they vote.
Speaker 2 Absolutely governments need to control people’s behaviour, otherwise we’d all suffer. We need laws to stop people robbing, hurting or killing each other. And governments should control things that are bad for us, like drugs and smoking. For example, if it weren’t for laws about drink driving, many more people would die in car crashes.
Speaker 3 I think governments should only try to control people’s behaviour when it’s harmful to others. Otherwise, I think people should decide for themselves what they want to do. If people want to smoke, for example, it is their choice – as long as they’re only hurting themselves.
Speaker 4 We are giving governments more control over us because they know more and more about us. All our details are on computers already. Nothing seems to be private anymore. I think it‘s worrying. If politicians have too much power over us, they’ll be very tempted to abuse it.
Speaker 5 I don’t think politicians necessarily tell the truth about what and who they are trying to control. Governments should be open and straightforward about what they are trying to do. Laws and taxes should be clear. Instead, politicians treat their citizens like children. No wonder people don’t trust governments anymore.


EXAM TASK - Listening

1 E

2 C

3 B

4 D

5 A



1 She started training as a nurse when she was 31, in Germany.
2 They were terrible: the patients were dirty, they slept in dirty, overcrowded rooms, disease spread quickly and many patients died.
3 The Crimean War finished in 1856.

EXAM TASK - Reading

1 B

2 D

3 D

4 A

5 C


EXAM TASK -  Use of English
1 ‘d, had

2 for

3 which, that

4 worked

5 was

6 out

7 so

8 had

9 was

10 ‘ve, have

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