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UNIT 3. 3A, page 22

Exercise 1  

1 salary

2 on your own

3 shift work

4 in charge of

5 menial

6 well-paid

7 supervise

8 skilled


Exercise 2
1 e

2 b

3 f

4 a

5 c

6 d


Speaker 1 Well, I guess I do what’s called skilled work, because I had to get qualified before they would give me the job. It was worth it though, because I earn quite a high salary. I work nine-to-five, Monday to Friday, in a big office with the rest of my team. I have to concentrate pretty hard in my job to be able to work out where the process is going. I don’t mind because I’ve always loved inventing new systems.


Speaker 2 Oh yes, I love my job! The pay is OK and I get to travel to exotic places. Some people think it must be boring, but I don’t see it like that. In fact, it’s very exciting when you suddenly find something that has been undiscovered for so long. For me, anything to do with the past is absolutely fascinating!


Speaker 3 Yeah, my job’s fairly challenging, really, because I have to deal with the public. Sometimes I have to tell people things they don’t want to hear and it seems more and more families have problems nowadays. I have to be careful not to take the problems home with me! I work a 35-hour week, but that doesn’t include all the paperwork I do. I have to write a report after every visit, and sometimes that can take ages! My salary isn’t that good, really, considering how hard I work.

Exercise 3

1 c

2 a

3 b


Exercise 4
a 1

b 3

c 2

d 2

e 1

f 3


Exercise 5
2 get down to work

3 is off work

4 work on

5 isn’t working

6 out of work

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