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UNIT 4. 4A, page 30

Exercise 1  

1 thigh - j

2 shin - k

3 heel - r

4 scalp - a

5 nostril - m

6 eyelash - p

7 calf - s

8 chest - d

9 palm - i

10 throat - b
11 eyebrow - n

12 toenail - t

13 hip - h

14 waist - e

15 eyelids - o

16 chin - l

17 wrist - f

18 armpit - c
19 sole - q

20 fingernail - g


Speaker 1 We were playing football. I was running towards the goal with the ball when one of the players on the other team came and tackled me. He went to kick the ball, but missed and kicked my leg instead. I had a big black mark on my leg under the knee and in the next few days it turned all sorts of colours – purple, blue, green and then yellow … it really hurt, too!


Speaker 2 I was running down the stairs at home, reading a book – never a good idea – when I tripped and fell over. Fortunately, I didn’t fall far, but when I got up, I found that I couldn’t walk. I was in a lot of pain, so my mum took me to hospital, but it wasn’t serious. They put a bandage on it and I had to sit with my leg up. It got better after about two weeks.


Speaker 3 What happened was, I was out cycling with a friend and I fell off my bike. I landed on the side of my face. It really hurt, and afterwards it was terribly embarrassing. It all swelled up and it was really badly bruised. It looked like somebody had hit me! I didn’t go out for about a week after that because it looked so bad.


Speaker 4 I was playing tennis with my sister – she’s really good, you know – and this time I was determined to win. Anyway, I went to serve, and suddenly I felt this terrible pain as I hit the ball. Then, I discovered that I couldn’t move the top of my arm! The doctors in hospital soon put it back into place, but I couldn’t play tennis again for ages afterwards.

Exercise 2

Speaker 1 a bruised shin
Speaker 2 a sprained ankle
Speaker 3 a black eye
Speaker 4 a dislocated shoulder


Exercise 3
1 leg

2 neck

3 head

4 arm

5 eyelid

6 hand


Exercise 4
1 brain

2 spine

3 lungs

4 skull

5 stomach

6 ribs

7 Veins


cheeks face,

elbow  arm,

gums  mouth,

instep  foot,
knuckles hand / finger

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