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UNIT 5. 5A, page 40

Exercise 1  

2 USB port

3 username

4 webcam

5 social-networking site

6 Internet browser

7 desktop computer


Exercise 2
1 c

2 e

3 d

4 f

5 g

6 b

7 a


Speaker 1 Well, my computer was really useful last year because I was studying abroad. I couldn’t speak the language very well, so I liked watching my favourite TV shows from home in English. I used to log on to my favourite website when I got back to my flat each day and see what programmes there were. It didn’t cost much to view them and it was a great way of relaxing after sitting in lectures all day.
Speaker 2 I often get a bit distracted while I’m doing my homework, because I’ve usually got my computer on and my friends are always sending me messages. I probably spend more time chatting with them and updating my profile than I do finishing my homework. The worst thing is that our Internet connection is really slow; it’s really frustrating waiting for stuff to load!
Speaker 3 I’m studying history and although our teacher’s really good, I still have to research a lot of facts before I can write my assignments. We have quite a lot of homework and I really don’t know how I’d manage without my computer. There are pages and pages of information on the Internet – you just have to scroll down until you find the information that you need. It’s easy really.
Speaker 4 I went travelling last year with a friend of mine and we decided that we’d save a lot of time if we set up our own web page to stay in touch with our friends and family back home. We took turns to write on it and tell everyone what we’d been doing each day, and we also had a message board for people to leave comments. I’m really glad we did it, because now we’ve got a great record of our trip.

Exercise 3

1 d

2 b

3 e

4 a


Exercise 4
1 e

2 d

3 c

4 a

5 b

6 f


1 mini-break

2 multimillionaire

3 semicircle

4 autofocus

5 subtitles

6 ex-girlfriend

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