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UNIT 5. 5F, page 45

Exercise 1  

1 love

2 fancy

3 Sorry

4 keen

5 plans

6 idea

7 up

8 sounds


Exercise 2
1 Do you fancy going to the cinema?
2 Shall we play tennis on Saturday morning?
3 What about going out for a drink?
4 Why don’t we watch a DVD?
5 Maybe we could go for a walk in the park.
6 How about going out for dinner?
7 Let’s have lunch at a restaurant.


Exercise 3
1 are you doing

2 I’m playing

3 I’m going to go
4 I’ll go shopping

5 we’re having

6 I’m going swimming

7 I’m not doing

8 I’ll call


Megan Hi David. What are you doing this weekend?
David Well, I’m playing basketball on Saturday morning. I’m going to go to bed early tonight.
Megan Have you got any plans for Saturday afternoon?
David Yes. My parents want to get me some clothes for my birthday, so I think I’ll go shopping in the afternoon.
Megan What about in the evening?

David In the evening, we’re having dinner with some friends. Are you free on Sunday, Megan?
Megan I’m going swimming in the morning, but I’m not doing anything after that.
David Shall we go for a walk in the park?
Megan Great idea. Let’s meet on Sunday afternoon at 2.30.
David OK. I’ll call you before to check you can still come.


Exercise 4

a go for a walk in the park
b on Sunday afternoon at 2.30

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