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UNIT 6. 6A, page 48

Exercise 1  

2 g

3 a

4 b

5 e

6 c

7 h

8 f


2 oil painting

3 wall light

4 windowsill

5 floorboards

6 coffee table

7 footstool

8 armchair


Exercise 2
2 wood

3 glass

4 fabric

5 china

6 leather

7 paper

Inspector Would you like to tell me what happened, Mr Hedges? Start at the beginning. Tell me everything you can remember.
Mr Hedges Well, I was sitting watching TV. It was about 8 p.m. Suddenly, I heard my wife shouting from the bedroom upstairs. I ran upstairs and … my wife was lying on the floor!
Detective I see. I’m very sorry, Mr Hedges, but I need to ask you a few more questions. Did you notice anything unusual?
Mr Hedges Yes, my wife had her hairbrush in her hand, and the window was wide open. And there was a cigarette in the ashtray, still alight. My wife doesn’t smoke.
Detective Hmm. Have you touched anything? We’ll take the cigarette down to the station for tests. And we’ll look for fingerprints on the windowsill. Did you notice anything missing?
Mr Hedges Well, yes. The candlestick. There’s usually a silver candlestick on the fireplace.
Detective Thank you, Mr Hedges. I think that’s all for now. We’ll be in touch shortly. Have you got any relatives who can come and stay …

Exercise 3

1 hairbrush

2 ashtray

3 windowsill

4 candlestick

5 fireplace


Exercise 4
2 lightshades

3 window ledge

4 chair leg
5 Writing paper

6 keyhole

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