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UNIT 6. 6A, page 49

Exercise 1  

1 was

2 had

3 had bought

4 couldn’t

5 would

6 didn’t


Exercise 2
2 told

3 said

4 said

5 said

6 told


2 told her that she had borrowed it that morning.
3 said that it wasn’t in the bathroom.
4 said that she had left it on her windowsill.
5 said that she didn’t like people taking her things.
6 told her that she wouldn’t use her hairbrush again.


Exercise 3
2 He said that he had been on holiday until the day before / the previous day.
3 She told him that he would have to stay in jail that night.
4 He told her that he wanted to speak to his lawyer.
5 She said that he could see him the next day.
6 He said that he wasn’t staying in jail without seeing his lawyer.


Exercise 4
2 ‘The people crossing the bridge pay me a fee.’
3 ‘I’ve / have made a lot of money this year.’
4 ‘I need to build some new bridges.’
5 ‘I can sell you the bridge.’
6 ‘Visitors will continue to pay to cross.’
7 ‘I’m / am offering you an incredible bargain.’
8 ‘I’ll / will reduce the price, if necessary.’

Інші завдання дивись тут...