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UNIT 6. 6D, page 51

Exercise 1  

1 John asked me where I had been.
2 We asked them if they could come for lunch.
3 I asked him when my car would be ready.
4 You asked me if I knew the way.
5 They asked her where she was going.
6 She asked him if he wanted a drink.


Exercise 2
2 we

3 me

4 he

5 me, her

6 you

7 them, us


Exercise 3
2 ‘Have you been ill?’
3 ‘Can you tell us about your trip?’
4 ‘Does the head teacher know you’re / are back?’
5 ‘Will you still take your exams?’
6 ‘Do you want to borrow my notes?’


Interviewer Good morning. Do sit down. It’s Sue, isn’t it? Thanks for coming in.
Sue Hi, thanks for inviting me for the interview.
Interviewer You’re welcome. OK, so we need to ask you some questions. Firstly, which school do you go to?
Sue I go to St Catharine’s High School.
Interviewer Oh yes, I know it. And how old are you?
Sue I’m 16, but I’ll be 17 next month.
Interviewer Right, and have you ever had a job before?
Sue Yes, I used to work in the shop in my village on Saturday mornings.
Interviewer That’s good experience. What about school? What’s your best subject at school?
Sue Biology, I think, but I’m also good at history, French and maths too.
Interviewer Did you pass your last maths exam?
Sue Yes, I did.
Interviewer That’s good news. And what do you want to do when you leave school?
Sue I want to continue studying and also work part-time.
Interviewer Are you planning to go to university?
Sue Yes, I’d like to study medicine.
Interviewer That’s a difficult subject, good luck. Now about the job here … Will you be able to work two evenings during the week?
Sue I could work two evenings a week, but not on Wednesdays because I have choir on Wednesday evenings.

Interviewer OK. No problem. Can you start next week?
Sue Yes, I can.
Interviewer Excellent. Welcome to the team.
Sue Thanks a lot!


Exercise 4

1 do you go to

2 are you

3 you ever had

4 What’s
5 Did you

6 want to do

7 Are you planning
8 Will you be able to work

9 Can you start


Exercise 5
2 if I’d / had ever had a job before
3 what my best subject at school was
4 if I’d / had passed my last maths exam
5 what I wanted to do when I left school
6 if I was planning to go to university
7 if I could work two evenings during the week
8 if I could start the following week

Інші завдання дивись тут...