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UNIT 6. 6F, page 53

Exercise 1  

2 must have been Jake’s birthday yesterday.
3 could / might have made a mistake.
4 can’t have seen a ghost.
5 could / might have got lost.
6 must have forgotten my keys.
7 can’t have lost his phone.


Exercise 2
2 suppose

3 probably

4 doubt

5 way

6 unlikely

7 quite

8 not

9 so


1 Woman 1 Did you see Kim after work yesterday?
   Woman 2 No, why?
   Woman 1 She was on her mobile - it sounded like she was having an argument with someone and then she started crying.


2 Boy Mum, have you seen my jacket? I can’t find it anywhere.
  Mum If it’s not in the hall, you must have left it at school again.


3 Girl 1 I can’t believe it!
   Girl 2 What’s happened?
   Girl 1 It’s my bike. I left it here this morning. It must have been stolen.


4 Boy 1 That’s weird.
   Boy 2 What’s the matter?
   Boy 1 I can’t get onto Facebook.
   Boy 2 Can you get onto Google? Maybe the Internet isn’t working.


Exercise 3

1 a

2 b

3 a

4 a

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