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UNIT 6. 6G, page 54

Exercise 1  



Exercise 2
1 e

2 d

3 c

4 a

5 b


Exercise 3
1 where the tour starts
2 how much the tour costs
3 the tour is suitable for small children
4 what time the tour finishes
5 how long the tour lasts
6 which places we will be visiting


Exercise 4
1 Can you send me a brochure?
2 He told her the itinerary.
3 They gave me some information.
4 She cooked him a meal.
5 I sent them the deposit.
6 The hotel offered him a single room.


Exercise 5
Students’ own answers



UNIT 6. Self Check, page 55

Exercise 1  

1 footstool
2 windowsill
3 oil painting
4 rocking chair
5 sideboard
6 table lamp


Exercise 2
1 Marble
2 Leather
3 Wood
4 Fabric
5 Glass


Exercise 3
1 into
2 on
3 over
4 after
5 across


Exercise 4
1 had been
2 wouldn’t
3 had called
4 could
5 answered
6 hadn’t
7 knew
8 was


Exercise 5
1 who she had visited the day before / the previous day
2 if he liked her dress
3 if he was going out that evening / night
4 if she had seen his MP3 player
5 when he could help her
6 he would do about his car



UNIT 6. Get ..., page 56, 57

EXAM TASK - Listening
1 T
2 F
3 F
4 F
5 NG
6 T


DigiEd International Competition
Are you under 19 and still in full-time education? Then why not take part in the DigiEd International Competition? Use your problem solving, communication and technology skills to create a new web-based game and win an amazing prize. This year’s competition is now open. The theme is solving world issues. All you need to do to enter is to form a team with some friends and think of a global problem that you’d like to solve. Then you need to develop a game which reflects the problem and your proposed solution. The game must work on both PCs and Macs and must be uploaded onto the DigiEd platform before the closing date of the competition.
Your team must be made up of between one and six students and a trainer. Your trainer must be over 21 years of age and a teacher at your school or college.
The deadline for the competition is 7.00 p.m. on 25th January. A team of independent judges will evaluate the entries and the winners will be announced on 25th March.
So, what are you waiting for? Log onto www.digied.org to find out more details about this great competition! You never know, you might win a new mobile phone and a visit to DigiEd Live in New York City. The experience will be unforgettable!


EXAM TASK - Reading
1 left shoulder
2 model
3 four years
4 appearance
5 investigator
6 red
7 eating disorder


EXAM TASK - Use of English
1 A
2 B
3 A
4 C
5 B
6 B
7 C
8 A
9 C
10 C

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