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UNIT 7. 7A, page 58

Exercise 1  

2 out

3 up

4 back

5 married

6 divorced

1 Giles Phil?
Phil Yes, Giles? What’s up?
Giles Who’s that girl over there?
Phil Oh, that’s Caitlin. Why? Do you like her?
Giles Yes, I do. She’s gorgeous!
Phil Why don’t you go and talk to her, then? Giles? Where’s he gone now?


2 Giles Hi. My name’s Giles.
Caitlin Hi. I’m Caitlin.
Giles What do you think of the party?
Caitlin Yeah, it’s all right. I don’t know many people, though.
Giles Me neither. Do you like the music?
Caitlin Not really. I prefer rock. How about you?
Giles Yeah, I like rock too.


3 Giles Hello?
Caitlin Hi, it’s me, Caitlin.
Giles Oh, hi Caitlin. How are you?
Caitlin I’m fine, thanks. It was nice to meet you the other night. Listen, would you like to come with me to the cinema on Saturday?
Giles Yeah, great! I’d love to.


4 Caitlin Who was that girl you were talking to last night?
Giles Oh, that was my friend, Nicole.
Caitlin She looked like more than a friend to me.
Giles Don’t be silly, Caitlin. I’ve known Nicole for years.
Caitlin For years, right? That’s it! I’m never going to speak to you again!


5 Caitlin Is that you, Giles?
Giles Yes, it’s me. Caitlin? Are you all right?
Caitlin Yes, I’ve calmed down now. Listen, I’m really sorry we had a fight.
Giles Don’t worry. I understand. But you don’t need to worry about Nicole. She’s just a friend.
Caitlin Yes, I know. Sorry. Can I meet you later?
Giles Yes, of course. You can come round to my house if you want.


6 Giles Caitlin, I’ve been doing some thinking.
Caitlin That sounds serious! You don’t usually think about much apart from what’s for dinner!
Giles We’ve been going out for ages and we get on really well.Caitlin, um … will you marry me?
Caitlin Oh, it’s beautiful!
Giles So, what’s your answer?
Caitlin Yes, yes, of course I will!

Exercise 2

1 b

2 e

3 f

4 c

5 d

6 a


Exercise 3
2 asked her out

3 fell out with

4 to go out / going out
5 split up

6 make up with


Exercise 4
1 up to

2 up with

3 out on

4 on with

5 down on

Інші завдання дивись тут...