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UNIT 7. 7C, page 60

Exercise 1  

1 -> e
-> f
-> d
-> c
-> b
-> a


Exercise 2
flower – hour, forget – met, greet – meet, song – wrong, tears – years


Exercise 3
1 wrong
2 forget
3 greet
4 tears
5 flower


Exercise 4
1 C
2 B
3 A


  John Cooper Clarke was born in Salford in the North of England and is known as a punk poet. In the past, the British public didn’t always look up to John as much as they do today. In his teenage years, he hung out with a group of young people called ‘Mods’, who wore smart, fashionable clothes and rode motor scooters. In 1960s Britain, the ‘Mods’ and ‘Rockers’ were unpopular, as there were often violent clashes between the two groups. When John left school, he went to work as a laboratory technician at the University of Salford before he finally became a performance poet. When the punk movement started in the UK in 1976,  

  John performed on stage as a support act for famous bands like the Sex Pistols and the Buzzcocks. He recorded four studio albums, two live LPs and also made a few singles.
  However, John has been most successful performing live on stage. He has a very strong visual appearance because he’s tall and thin, with wild, black hair. He calls himself ‘the man behind the hairstyle’. He usually wears sunglasses, tight trousers and boots. His poems talk about current issues and problems and they are extremely funny. Of course, John knows them all by heart and he reads them very fast with a strong northern English accent. He usually has his audience laughing loudly in the first five minutes of his show.
  Today, John lives with his family in Colchester and continues to write new poetry. Now over 60 years old, he is still performing all over the country and sometimes abroad, too.

Exercise 5
1 F
2 F
3 T
4 T
5 F
6 F

Інші завдання дивись тут...