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UNIT 8. 8A, page 66

Exercise 1  

2 control

3 reclaim

4 room

5 duty-free

6 office

7 rank

8 gate

9 petrol

10 hall

11 desk

12 shoulder
Mystery word: boarding pass


Exercise 2
1 dangerous

2 uncomfortable

3 inconvenient

4 relaxing

5 unreliable

6 fast


Becky Right, I’ve booked our hotel in Paris. All we have to do now is to find a cheap flight and then we’re fine.
Ian What do you mean, find a flight? I thought we were going by train?
Becky Oh no. Travelling by plane is much safer than going by train. I’d much rather fly.
Ian OK, but trains are quite safe, too. And they’re a lot more reliable. Trains usually leave on time but planes are often delayed.
Becky Yes, but flying is much more relaxing. Once you’ve checked in your luggage, you’re free to do whatever you want. I love the duty-free shops in the departure lounge, and I always have something to eat before my flight takes off.
Ian But don’t forget that there’s usually a buffet car on the train, so you can eat something there. Trains are more comfortable too, because you can stand up and walk around. On a plane you have to stay in your seat with the seat belt fastened.
Becky I know, but it’s much faster going by plane. The flight only takes an hour!
Ian Actually, I think you’ll find it’s quicker by train. You don’t have to hang around for so long before you board, and when you arrive, you’ve got your suitcase with you, so you don’t have to go to baggage reclaim. The train is more convenient too as it takes you right to the centre of the city. Airports are usually a long way out of town and it can take you another hour to get to your hotel.
Becky Umm. I suppose you’re right. I know! Let’s do whatever is the cheapest.

Ian I think the price is more or less the same.
Becky Really? OK, you’ve convinced me. Let’s take the train for a change.

Exercise 3

1 B

2 B

3 I

4 B

5 I

6 I

7 B


Exercise 4
1 driver

2 overhead locker

3 carriage

4 flight attendant

5 runway

6 tracks

7 sets sail

8 disembark

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