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UNIT 8. 8C, page 68

Exercise 1  

1 lethal
2 threatening
3 notorious
4 challenging
5 intrepid
6 gruelling
7 remote
8 unsuccessful


Exercise 2


Exercise 3
A 5
B 3
C 2
D 1


Interviewer Rob, you went on an adventure cruise last year, didn’t you?
Rob Yes, I did.
Interviewer Can you tell us something about it?
Rob Yes. Well, the cruise was similar to the original trip done by Captain Scott. We set off from the island of Tasmania and we sailed to Cape Evans, where Scott camped, nearly 1,300 kilometres from the South Pole.
Interviewer Wow! That sounds exciting! How long did the trip take you?
Rob We were at sea for 21 days, which was quite an adventure in itself! Sometimes the waves were over twelve metres high, and one day the engines stopped when we were thousands of kilometres from land. The captain managed to solve the problem though, so we were able to carry on.
Interviewer So, was your journey exactly the same as Captain Scott’s journey?
Rob Not really. We followed the same route, more or less, except that we stopped at Macquarie Island, where we came across lots of penguins. And that’s where the similarity ends, really. Scott took 30 days to reach the camp, while we took only nine, and the conditions on board were very different, too. We had comfortable cabins, shops, a sauna and five-star meals, but Scott and his team had none of these facilities.
Interviewer What did you find when you reached Cape Evans?
Rob Well, the main attraction of Cape Evans is Captain Scott’s hut where the team camped. It looked quite sad and lonely in so much snow and ice. Inside, we saw the long table where Scott celebrated his 43rd birthday dinner before leaving for the Pole. On the shelves were the tins of food which they had taken with them, and scientific instruments and newspapers dating back to the time the men had left them. Scott’s sealskin blanket still lies on his bed, and a photo of his wife is still on the wall. Seeing the hut makes you feel real respect for this man and his team, who went so far with so few resources.


Exercise 4
1 F
2 F
3 T
4 F
5 T
6 F
7 T

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