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UNIT 8. 8G, page 72

Exercise 1  

It is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It’s got a selection of bays, beautiful beaches and a good surfing school. It also has lots of historic sites and Afon Forest Park is excellent for mountain biking.


Exercise 1
1 It is situated in

2 it takes

3 It is a great place
4 is famous for

5 to suit every taste

6 is a must


Exercise 3
1 fascinating

2 isolated

3 wild

4 breathtaking

5 historic

6 wooded


Exercise 4
1 It’s Saturday 21st March today.
2 It’s cloudy and it’s only 10º. / It’s only 10º and it’s cloudy.
3 It doesn’t matter what you do.
4 It’s only a few kilometres from here.
5 It’s a shame that you can’t come.
6 It took twelve hours to drive home.
7 It’s easy to get there.
8 It’s just after midnight.


Exercise 5
Students’ own answers



UNIT 8. Self Check, page 73

Exercise 1  

1 stressful
2 slow
3 cheap
4 inconvenient
5 safe
6 unreliable


Exercise 2
1 buffet car
2 taxi rank
3 hard shoulder
4 baggage reclaim
5 arrivals hall
6 ticket office
7 departure gate
8 passport control


Exercise 3
1 has been ordered (by the hotel receptionist).
2 aren’t served on the plane.
3 is being prepared (by the cleaners).
4 hadn’t been changed.
5 will be brought to your room.
6 is being delayed by bad weather this morning.
7 weren’t put on the plane.
8 were shown around Pompeii (by the guide).


Exercise 4
1 anybody / anyone
2 somewhere
3 nothing
4 Somebody / Someone
5 nobody / no one
6 anything
7 something
8 anywhere



UNIT 8. Get..., page 74, 75

PREPARATION: listening

1 e

2 c

3 b

4 d

5 a


Presenter And now for the highlights on this week’s television.
1 First of all, on Monday night there’s Changing Rooms. In this home makeover show, two groups of friends swap homes. They then choose one of the rooms in their friends’ home and redesign the room, painting it or putting up wallpaper and new curtains and so on. Finally, the couples meet up again to show each other the new rooms.
2 If you’re into gardening, you won’t want to miss Ground Force on Tuesday. In this show, a team of gardeners redesign the garden of a person who has been nominated by their family or friends. While the person is away, the team work on the garden for two days and surprise the person when they return home.
3 For those fashion addicts out there, on Thursday there’s What Not To Wear.
A member of the public is secretly filmed to find out what they usually wear. The show’s presenters then visit the person and offer them £5,000 to throw away their old clothes and buy some new ones. At the end of the show, the person shows everyone their new look.
4 Now, if you’re getting married soon, you may or may not want to watch Don’t Tell The Bride on Friday. In this show, a couple are given £12,000 to spend on their wedding. However, the bride – that’s the woman – and the groom – the man – must have no contact for three weeks, and it’s the groom who has to organise everything, including the wedding dress!
5 Finally, for those of you who are keen on cooking, there’s MasterChef on Sunday afternoon. Six contestants are given a selection of ingredients and they have to invent a dish. They have fifty minutes to cook the dish and present it to the judges. The winner goes through to the Grand Final at the end of the series.
Well, that’s all we’ve got time for, I’m afraid. Happy viewing!


EXAM TASK - Listening
1 F
2 A
3 D
4 C
5 B


EXAM TASK - Reading

1 C
2 F
3 J
4 A
5 B
6 G
7 H


EXAM TASK - Use of English
1 would be
2 were
3 sets
4 waves
5 have gone, are going
6 is pulled
7 have been restored
8 is
9 continuing
10 ’ve travelled, have travelled

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