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UNIT 9. 9A, page 76

Exercise 1  

2 cheque

4 offer

6 credit card

7 sale

8 price

9 till

12 bargain
1 refund

3 receipt

5 reduction

7 stock

10 change

11 cash


Exercise 2
1 f

2 c

3 b

4 d

5 j

6 a

7 g

8 i

9 h

10 e


Speaker 1 I quite like the sales, actually, and I always go shopping a couple of times when they’re on. I like the idea of trying to find a bargain … it’s really exciting. Sometimes I’m lucky and sometimes I’m not, but I do enjoy looking through all the cheaper stuff. The best thing I’ve ever found was a purple, leather jacket – it was only £30!


Speaker 2 I normally hate going shopping but it’s even worse in the sales. There are always so many people shouting and pushing – it’s really horrible. People are so aggressive. I think the shops use the sales to sell all the rubbish they have in stock. The clothes are always in a right mess, too – you can never find what you’re looking for.


Speaker 3 I really look forward to the sales because it’s the only time I can really buy anything! I don’t particularly enjoy shopping at this time because of all the people, so I usually go when the shops are quiet – often first thing in the morning. The changing rooms aren’t so busy then either, so you can take your time to try things on.


Speaker 4 Actually, I had a really bad time at the sales last year. I found these great combat trousers and they were very cheap. I didn’t try them on because I knew they were the right size. When I got them home, I discovered a hole in one of the trouser legs. The shop wouldn’t change them because I’d bought them in the sales.


Speaker 5 My favourite time of year is when the sales are on. My friends and I spend all day looking at the special offers – some shops have fantastic reductions! I always limit myself on how much money I take so that I don’t spend too much. It’s easy to buy a lot of clothes that you’re never going to wear.

Exercise 3

1 e

2 b

3 f

4 a

5 d

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