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UNIT 9. 9D, page 79

Exercise 1  

1 d

2 e

3 b

4 a

5 c

6 f


Exercise 2
1 If Beth hadn’t spent all her pocket money, she would have been able to buy a new phone.
2 If we had gone to the right gate, we wouldn’t have missed the flight.
3 I would have run out of petrol if I hadn’t found a petrol station.
4 He would have bought the suit if it hadn’t been out of stock.
5 They wouldn’t have fallen out if he had paid her back on time.
6 If you had shopped around, you would have found a cheaper jacket.


Exercise 3
2 If I hadn’t wasted my money, I wouldn’t have been in debt all my life.
3 If she hadn’t had plastic surgery, she wouldn’t have become more confident.
4 If he had remembered his credit card, he wouldn’t have paid in cash.
5 If the webcam hadn’t been broken, I wouldn’t have taken it back to the shop.
6 If the shop had ordered enough high-heeled boots, it wouldn’t have sold out.


Exercise 4
1 had studied, would have passed
2 had had, would have found
3 hadn’t got married, wouldn’t have made
4 wouldn’t have stayed, hadn’t had
5 wouldn’t have gone, hadn’t got
6 had been able, would have met
7 would have gone, hadn’t (always) been

Інші завдання дивись тут...