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UNIT 10. 10A, page 84

Exercise 1  

1 string quartet

2 busker

3 rock band

4 choir
5 folk group

6 rapper

7 jazz band

8 opera singer

9 orchestra


Exercise 2
1 solo

2 chorus

3 aria

4 Lyrics

5 beat

6 symphony

7 Chords

8 movement

9 melody

10 Harmony


Paul Hey, Cathy, have you heard what they’re saying about the future of rock music?
Cathy No. Tell me.
Paul Well, this article says that rock music is on its way out. There’s no future for it.
Cathy How can they possibly say that? I love rock music!
Paul It says that last year there were only three rock songs among the top 100 best-selling hits in the UK.
Cathy But that’s a disaster! So what is everybody listening to if it isn’t rock?
Paul Hang on. Let me look at the figures. Here they are. The most popular music seems to be erm … hip hop and R’n’B. Erm … 47% of the top-selling tracks belong to this category. Next comes pop with 40% and then dance with 10%. Like I said, rock has only 3% of the tracks on the list.
Cathy But surely someone out there must be listening to rock. The radio stations are full of it, and rock bands are always going on tour.
Paul Yes, but it’s the old bands that are doing well on tour, isn’t it? Some people still want to see them live. Bands like Bon Jovi and U2, who’ve been around for years. Rock music is still popular with the over forties, but it’s young people who aren’t so interested in it.
Cathy Well, I, for one, am going to carry on listening to my favourite rock bands. By the way, have you heard the latest album by The Strokes?
Paul No, I haven’t. Is it any good? I love that band!
Cathy Yes, it’s excellent. Wait a minute. I’ll put it on, so you can hear it.


Exercise 3

1 T

2 F

3 F

4 T

5 F

6 T

7 T


Exercise 4
1 singer

2 composer

3 poet

4 sculptor

5 director

6 novelist

7 playwright

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