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UNIT 10. 10C, page 86

Exercise 1  

2 -> e
-> h
-> c
-> a
-> d
-> f
-> b


Exercise 2
1 mainland Europe
2 music lovers / festival-goers
3 dance music
4 campsite
5 shuttle buses
6 festival-goers / music lovers
7 line-up
8 headline acts


Exercise 3
1 It was held in 2004.
2 Both festivals often have the same headline acts.
3 The best accommodation is ‘podpads’ in the Luxury Campsite.
4 They can find fully-equipped tents that they can hire.
5 It usually rains.
6 The performers also enjoy it.


Susie Hi Callum! How are you? How was your summer?
Callum Hello Susie. Yeah, it was good.
Susie You went to a music festival, didn’t you?
Callum Yeah. Yeah, I did.
Susie What was it like?
Callum I didn’t really enjoy it, to be honest. I should have known it was going to be a disaster when I had such problems getting the tickets.
Susie Oh, dear. What went wrong?
Callum Well, the main problem was getting there in the first place. We wanted to be green and all that, so we decided not to take the car. We got the train to the nearest station and then there was supposed to be a bus to pick us up and take us to the festival site. Unfortunately, most of the other festival-goers had had the same idea as us, so there was a huge queue. It was really late by the time we got to the campsite.
Susie But you saw some good bands, though, didn’t you?
Callum That was the other problem. After watching all the bands my brother wanted to watch in the pouring rain, we went to the main stage to see my favourite band. When we got there, we found out they’d cancelled at the last minute.
Susie Why did they do that?
Callum The lead singer was ill. He had a throat infection or something. I was so fed up, I can tell you.
Susie Oh, poor you! Does that mean you won’t be going to any more music festivals?
Callum Not at all. Actually, I’m thinking of going to the V Festival next year. Do you want to come? The headline acts are the Arctic Monkeys, Eminem, and Plan B and Rihanna are also playing …


Exercise 4
1 difficult
2 train
3 A lot of
4 relative
5 bad
6 didn’t play
7 will

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