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UNIT 10. 10F, page 89

Exercise 1  

Expressing enthusiasm

I’d really love to see it.

That sounds more fun.

It should be really entertaining.

I love that kind of thing.

Expressing lack of enthusiasm

It just doesn’t appeal to me.
It’s not really my thing.

I wouldn’t say I was a real fan.
I think I’d be bored.

I’m not very keen on it.

Exercise 2

1 a 

2 b 

3 b 

4 a 

5 a 

6 b 


1 Let’s go to an outdoor music festival this summer.
2 What did you think of that new DJ?
3 Do you fancy watching the school orchestra next Friday?
4 Have you ever seen a male voice choir?
5 They’ve put on a new interactive exhibition in the science museum.
6 Why don’t we go to the ballet?

Exercise 3
1 so

2 so

3 such

4 such

5 so

6 such


I’m going to choose the exhibition in picture 1.

I’d really love to see this exhibition. I love that kind of painting. The technique is amazing! It’s so detailed and so realistic. And it’s really useful for me to see this kind of exhibition because I’m studying art at school and I have to write essays about the history of art.
I wouldn’t opt for the sculpture exhibition in picture 2.

It looks a bit strange! I wouldn’t say I was a real fan of modern art in general, actually, because I don’t understand it. Some of my friends like Damien Hirst and other modern artists, but it’s not really my thing. I prefer older art, like in picture 1.

Exercise 4

1 She chooses the exhibition in picture 1 because she likes this kind of painting and it will help her studies to see the exhibition.
2 She rejects the exhibition in picture 2 because she doesn’t really like modern art, as she doesn’t understand it.

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