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UNIT 10. 10G, page 90

Exercise 1  

1 identified

2 set

3 main

4 written

5 twist

6 end

7 recommend


Exercise 2
2 What is really exciting is the setting.
3 What I loved was the way the story was told.
4 What the main character needs is a friend to help him.
5 What I really enjoy is reading on the train.
6 What this author is famous for is creating a twist at the end.


Exercise 3
What the writer likes most is the relationship between Eragon and his dragon.


UNIT 10. Self Check, page 91

Exercise 1  

1 busker
2 orchestra
3 string quartet
4 DJ
5 folk group
6 choir
7 rapper


Exercise 2
1 movement
2 chorus
3 symphony
4 melody
5 solo
6 lyrics
7 chords
8 harmony


Exercise 3
1 written
2 changing
3 shown
4 used
5 playing
6 performed
7 announcing
8 wearing


Exercise 4
1 Few
2 Most
3 any
4 all
5 some
6 each
7 much


UNIT 10. Get...,page 92, 93

EXAM TASK - Listening 

1 retail

2 employees

3 budget

4 department store
5 beauty department

6 appearance

7 patience/tact


Presenter Hello and welcome to Career Opportunities. On today’s programme we’ll be talking to people who have jobs in the retail industry. First to join us is Caroline Bates, who’s a personal shopper. Caroline, what exactly is a personal shopper?
Caroline Well, a personal shopper is someone who is actually paid to shop. They can be hired by individuals, companies or retailers themselves to find all kinds of different products. These can range from clothing and furniture to food and presents for employees. Some personal shoppers specialise in specific items while others do a variety of different things.
Presenter So, what’s the secret to being good at the job?
Caroline Um, well, you mustn’t limit yourself to only looking for things that appeal to you. You have to be open to looking for things that suit your clients’ tastes, not just your own. You also need to know how to shop within a set budget.
Presenter Caroline, tell us about your own job. Who do you work for?
Caroline Well, I’m actually a ‘personal shopping consultant’. I work in the women’s clothes section of a large department store on Oxford Street.
Presenter So, who are your clients? And what happens in a typical meeting with a client?
Caroline Well, most of them are women, obviously. I meet the client in our special suite and we discuss what kind of image they want to project. Then, I go down to the shop floor and collect some items for the client to try on. Together we talk about the outfits, and when we’re both sure that we’re happy with the look, I take them off to the beauty department, where they have their face made up. And that’s it, really.
Presenter So, what sort of qualities does a personal shopper need, Caroline?
Caroline Well, first of all, you need a lot of experience in sales. Your appearance is also important – it is your best advertisement – and you must be an outgoing sort of person, very friendly and confident. You also need to have a lot of patience and tact. You don’t want to upset your client!
Presenter No, I’m sure. Caroline, thank you for joining us.
Caroline My pleasure.

EXAM TASK - Reading
1 A

2 A, C

3 C

4 A

5 B

6 D


EXAM TASK - Use of English
1 where

2 have

3 what

4 would

5 every

6 was
7 having

8 had

9 lot

10 done

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