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UNIT I. ІE, page 8

Exercise 3 

1 В

2 D

3 extra heading

4 E

5 A

6 F

7 C


Exercise 4
1 Yes, he is.
2 Neil met Adam when Adam came to his college to give a lecture.
3 It makes a low sound when It sees a red light and a high sound when it sees a violet light.
4 It is more sophisticated than the first one.
5 He has to carry a laptop (in a backpack).
6 It helps him to memorise a lot of sounds.
7 People think he is videoing them. Security guards occasionally ask him to leave shops.

Exercise 5
irreversible; incredible; dissatisfied; impossible; uncomfortable; unusual; inseparable


UNIT I. ІE, page 10

Exercise 2 

He includes a, c and d.


Exercise 3
1 in

2 in

3 on/to

4 in

5 with

6 on

Exercise 4
1 looks like / as if / as though

2 looks like

3 looks

4 look like

5 looks like/as if/as though

Exercise 6
1 see

2 think about

3 suppose

4 thought about

5 say


Exercise 7
The examiner asks three questions.
Let me see...
It's difficult to say, really.
Let me think about that for a moment.


UNIT I. ІG, page 11

Exercise 3 

They have both followed the instructions well, but Pablo could give more information about his family, e.g. his parents'jobs and his sister's name.

Exercise 4
1 close to

2 loads of

3 I'm into

4 drop me a line

5 gets in

6 pick you up

Exercise 6
1 Hi Mike; Dear Mike

2 Write soon; Bye

3 Best wishes; All the best

4 contracted forms

5 can use

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