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UNIT 2. 2А, page 14

Exercise 2 

1 afraid

2 irritated

3 jealous

4 nervous

5 relieved
6 disappointed

7 confused

8 guilty


Exercise 3
1 angry

2 bored

3 scared

Exercise 4
1 of; He played the part of a horrible character in a play.
2 about; He thought his dog had run away but he hadn't. Sam cried.
3 of; She won a national junior ice-skating competition.
4 with; Sophie was fed up with going to a tennis club. She told her dad she didn't like playing tennis.
5 of; Tom was jealous of Adam because Adam's parents got him everything he wanted.


UNIT 2. 2B, page 15

Exercise 1
Positive effect: The rain made the atmosphere more dramatic.

Negative effect: It damaged the sound equipment.


Exercise 2
Past simple affirmaiive was; went; arrived; looked; decided; was; reached; were; was; made; stopped

Past simple negative didn't mind
Past continuous affirmative were walking; was coming; was raining; were cheering arid dancing
Past continuous negative wasn't raining
Past perfect affirmative had started; 'd watched; had damaged
Past perfect negative hadn't seen

Exercise 3
1 past continuous, e.g. a storm was coming; it wasn't raining yet
2 past simple, e.g. We arrived on Friday evening, looked at the programme and decided to...
3 past simple; past continuous, e.g. As we were walking across the park, there was a flash of lightning.
4 past perfect, e.g. When we reached the Main Stage, Metallica had started playing.


Exercise 5
1 went

2 travelled

3 got off

4 walked

5 came

6 'd never seen

7 was playing

8 were dancing

9 was walking

10 stopped

11 turned

12 had gone

13 had written

14 walked

15 asked

16 answered

17 heard

18 hadn't noticed


Exercise 6
1 did Julie travel

2 did Julie feel

3 was the band playing

4 had her dad written

5 did Julie ask

6 was her dad


UNIT 2. 2C, page 16

Exercise 1

The monument is a war memorial in London called the Cenotaph.

It commemorates all soldiers who have died in wars in which Britain has fought.


Exercise 2
1 officer

2 comrades

3 battlefield

4 casualties

5 war
6 conflicts

7 poppies


Exercise 3
1  11
2  1 / One
2 / two


Exercise 5

2 d

3 b

4 c


Exercise 6
a 1 st Ma
y is International Workers' Day, or May Day.

b 4th Julyis American Independence Day.

b 14th July is Bastille Day in France, or French National Day.

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