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UNIT 6. 6A, page 54

Exercise 1

1 keyhole 

2 window ledge 

3 bookshelf 

4 lightshade

5 flowerbed 

6 hairbrush 

7 writing paper 

8 chair leg


Exercise 4

1 purpose 

2 part 

3 purpose 

4 part 

5 purpose

6 purpose 

7 purpose 

8 part


Exercise 6

The Inspector thinks the owner of Riverford Manor took the painting and has made its disappearance look like a burglary.


Exercise 7

1 There are no footprints in the flower bed and there should be footprints because it's wet.

2 There are no footprints or mud on the windowsill.

3 There is a footstool on top of the coffee table. The stool has been put there very carefully and there are no scratches on the coffee table. A thief wouldn't have been so careful.


UNIT 6. 6B, page 55

Exercise 1



Exercise 2

1 Lustig told the men that the Eiffel Tower was becoming too expensive to maintain.

2 He said that the Government had decided to sell it

3 He told them they couldn't tell anyone else about it.

4 She said Lustig wasn't telling them the truth.

5 Lustig told him he was acting strangely because he expected a bribe.

6 So Poisson said to Lustig that he would give him a large bribe.

7 Poisson told his wife that Lustig had tricked him.


Exercise 3

2 past continuous 

3 past perfect 

4 past perfect

5 could/couldn't 

6 would / wouldn't


Exercise 4

In sentence 3 you changes to they.

In sentence 5 I changes to he.

In sentence 6 I changes to he, and you changes :o him.

In sentence 7 me changes to him.


Exercise 5

1 c 


3 a 

4 e 

5 f 

6 b


Exercise 6

1 (He said) he was doing his (homework) that day.

2 (She said) she didn't understand my/our (question).

3 (He said) they had sold their (car) the month before.

4 (He said) he would give her her (book back) the next day.


Exercise 8

2 told 

My dad told me I'd done really well.

3 said 

The singer said it would be a great show.

4 said 

She said to her boyfriend she couldn't find her purse.

5 told 

My aunt told me she was going on holiday the next week.

6 told

Our teacher told us we didn't need our books that day.


UNIT 6. 6C, page 56

Exercise 3

'The job' is to kill Elliston's wife.


Exercise 4

1 looks 

2 left 

3 wife 

4 hands 

5 steal 

6 Eliston


Exercise 5

No, he doesn't follow Elliston's instructions. He kills the wrong person. He uses his left hand only and he hides rather than steals the jewellery box.


Exercise 6

1 out 

2 up 

3 in 

4 under 

5 back 

6 into 

7 through 

8 out


Exercise 7

1 No, he doesn't. He had seen her face through the window of the servants'room and knew who she was. He covered her face with a blanket because he didn't want Elliston to see her face and realise what had happened.

2 He wants to make it look like Elliston has killed her.

3 He is disobeying Elliston's instructions to make it look like a burglary. This is further evidence that he wants to make it look like Elliston has killed her.

4 Elliston will realise what has happened as soon as he sees the victim's face and realises his wife is still alive.

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