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UNIT 6. 6G, page 61

Exercise 2

He forgets to ask if the murder mystery involves acting.


Exercise 3

1 Could you tell me if there is any free time on Thursday or Friday?

2 I'd also like to know which hotel in London we will be staying at.

3 Please let me know which of the tours are already fully booked.


Exercise 5

... if you could give me some more information about some of the arrangements.

Would you mind sending me a complete list of dates for September and October?


UNIT 6 Language Review 5-6, page 62

Exercise 1

1 c  

2 a 



5 c


Exercise 2 

1 might 

2 won't 

3 have 

4 may 

5 run 


Exercise 3 

1 By the end of term, we'll / will have done all our exams.

2 This time next week, they'll / will be lying on the beach.

3 A year from now, I'll / will have learned to drive.

4 At 10 p.m. I'll still be doing my homework.

5 I'll be leaving for the airpon at 7 a.m. tomorrow.


Exercise 4 

1 Do you fancy 

2 Sorry, I can't. 

3 Maybe we could 

4 I'd be up for 

5 Yes, that sounds


Exercise 5 

1 shelf 

2 flower 

3 hole 

4 lamp 

5 ledge 


Exercise 6 

1 John said he hadn't finished his project the day before. 

2 Our teacher told us we were having our lesson outside.

3 She said she couldn't do it on her own.

4 Mum told us she would do it for us the next day.

5 They told me their plane left that night.


Exercise 7 

1 I asked her if she'd had a nice time the day before.

2 He asked me when I was going home.

3 She asked him if he would give her a call.

4 I asked him where he had been the night before.

5 He asked her if she was working that evening.


Exercise 8

1 Could you tell me what time the meeting starts?

2 Could you please let me know what time it finishes? 

3 I'd like to know if there will be a break for lunch.

4 Please let me know if we have to bring food. 

5 I'd be grateful if you could tell me how many people will be there.


UNIT 6 Skills Round-up 1-6, page 63

Exercise 2 



Exercise 3 

A 4 

B 1 

C 6 

D 2 

E 5


Exercise 6 

1 fell asleep 

2 Sunday 

3 outside 

4 cafe 

5 accent 

6 embarrassed


Exercise 7

1 fell asleep 

2 Sunday 

3 outside 

4 cafe 

5 accent 

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