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UNIT 9. 9A, page 84

Exercise 2

1 sale

2 Bargains

3 credit cards

4 reductions

5 change 

6 stock 

7 Cash 

8 till 

9 cheques 

10 offer

11 price 

12 receipt 

13 refunds


Exercise 3

a Advertising things: Summer sale! 50% off everything.

Bargains galore! 

Huge stock clearance! Massive reductions! 

Special offer! Three for the price of two! 

b Requests to customers:

Please check your change. 

Mistakes cannot be rectified later. 

Please retain your receipt as proof of purchase.

c Giving general Information:

We accept all major credit cards.

This item is currently out of stock. 

Lash only at this till. No cheques or credit cards. 

No refunds or exchanges.


Exercise 4

1 true

2 true

3 false; She thinks it is a bargain but doesn't know when she can pay Alice back.

4 false; Her aunt wants to buy her a late birthday present,

5 true

6 false;There are no refunds on sale goods.


Exercise 5

1 on 

2 on 

3 around 

4 up 

5 in 

6 back 

7 for 

8 back 

9 in; by 

10 out


UNIT 9. 9B, page 85

Exercise 3

she has had carried out: she had her nose altered, her lips made fatter and her breasts enlarged; She had work done


Exercise 4

2 You have your hair cut at the hairdresser's.

3 You have your teeth whitened at the dentist's.

4 You have your eyes tested at the optician's.

5 You have a suit made at the tailor's.

6 You have your watch repaired at the jeweller's.


Exercise 5

1 have a lot of work done

2 had new wheels fitted

3 had it repainted

4 Did you have that fitted

5 have it repaired


Exercise 6

I did that myself; to add emphasis

herself; yourself / yourselves; ourselves; themselves


Exercise 7

2 I've had my hair dyed. I haven't dyed it myself.

3 He's having his bicycle repaired. He isn't repairing it himself.

4 We had our windows washed. We didn't wash them ourselves. 

5 She's going to have her nails painted. She isn't going to paint them herself.

6 They have their house cleaned every Friday. They don't clean their house themselves.


UNIT 9. 9C, page 86

Exercise 3

1 of 

2 is 

3 in 

4 all 

5 for 

6 to 

7 for 

8 for 

9 on

10 the 

11 on 

12 In 

13 the 

14 on


Exercise 4

1 Because adverts are everywhere.

2 They try to place their products within a film.

3 The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon was advertised in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Audi was advertised in I, Robot.

4 They fast-forward through the advertising breaks.

5 Coca-Cola is advertised in American Idol.

6 Advertisers are targeting children by placing their products in children's educational books.


Exercise 5

Speaker 1 d; g 

Speaker 2 a; c 

Speaker 3 b; e

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