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UNIT 9. 9D, page 87

Exercise 1

1 'd 

2 hadn't 

3 'd


Exercise 2

1 no 

2 yes 

3 no


Exercise 3

1 past perfect 

2 past participle


Exercise 4

1 'd set; wouldn't have been

2 d known; 'd have sent

3 'd heard; 'd have answered

4 hadn't wasted; wouldn't have had to

5 would have been; 'd bought

6 wouldn't have failed; 'd revised

7 'd have played; hadn't been

8 wouldn't have crashed; hadn't driven


Exercise 5

1 criticism 

2 regret 

3 regret 

4 criticism 

5 regret 

6 criticism 

7 regret 

8 criticism


Exercise 7

2 They'd have given you a refund if you'd kept your receipt. / If you'd kept your receipt, they'd have given you a refund.

3 I'd have lent you some money if I hadn't been broke. / If I hadn't been broke, I'd have lent you some money.

4 I'd have noticed the mistake if I'd checked my change. / If I'd checked my change, I'd have noticed the mistake.

5 I'd have bought the dress if it had been in the sale. / If the dress had heen in the sale, I'd have bought it.

6 I wouldn't have got into debt if I hadn't lost my job. / If I hadn't lost my job, I wouldn't have got into debt.


UNIT 9. 9E, page 88, 89

Exercise 3

1 a and g have words which link with freezing river. In a, drowned and swam; in g, drowned in the icy waters.

2 Only g is correct because it refers to Selak's first accident, so again in a is not correct.


Exercise 4


2 g 




6 c 

7 f


Exercise 5

1 false; He celebrated his fifth marriage by buying a lottery ticket.

2 true

3 false; Three of the accidents happened in the 1960s.

4 false; He only had cuts and bruises.

5 false; When the sixth accident happened, he was on foot.

6 false; He escaped from a burning car on two occasions.

7 true

8 true


Exercise 6

1 for 

2 by 

3 on 

4 in 

5 in 

6 in


Exercise 8



Exercise 9

1 used to 

2 rather 

З I don't want nobody 

4 shoulda 

5 They don't mean nothing



UNIT 9. 9F, page 90

Exercise 3

Candidates answer She may be buying something online or phoning her bank to set up a direct debit


Exercise 4

1 sure; guess 

2 looks 

3 pretty 

4 possibility 

5 could; something 

б difficult


Exercise 5

Giving opinions I'd say that; I wouldn't say that emphasising a point or giving extra details Actually; In fact; I also think that Giving examples For example; for one thing.


Exercise 6

The candidate uses the past simple, past continuous, past perfect and used to. She uses the past simple the most frequently.

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