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UNIT 10. 10F, page 100

Exercise 1

Hairspray (the musical)


Exercise 2

1 my 

2 appeal 

3 into 

4 I'd 

5 say 

6 sounds 

7 be busker 


Exercise 3

Expressing enthusiasm: I'm quite into it;That sounds more fun; It should be really entertaining.

Expressing lack of enthusiasm: It’s not really my thing; It just doesn't appeal to me; I think I'd be bored; I wouldn’t say I was a real fan


Exercise 6 

Speaker 1 question 1 

Speaker 2 question 2


Exercise 7

1 such 

2 so 

3 such 

4 so 

5 so 


UNIT 10. 10G, page 101

Exercise 1

1 F; It's a desert. 


3 T


Exercise 2

I identified with (the character of Stanley); 

The main character is (Stanley Yelnats); 

It was written by (Louis Sachar); 

It's an (adventure) story; 

I would definitely recommend it.


Exercise 3

1 It was written by 

2 It's set in 

3 it's the story of 

4 The main character is 

5 In the end,

6 a film was made of the book

7 I would definitely recommend it


Exercise 4

What they don't realise is that the Warden at Camp Green Lake is secretly looking for treasure: They don't realise that the Warden of Camp Green Lake is secretly looking for treasure.

What I will say is that the book keeps your interest right to the final page:The book keeps your interest right to the final page. But what I liked most was the plot: I liked the plot most.


Exercise 5

1 What all the characters are looking for is happiness.

2 What is really unusual is the setting.

3 What I loved was the twist at the end.

4 What the main character really needs is a holiday.

5 What I really enjoy reading is classic novels. / What I really enjoy is reading classic novels.

6 What Stephen King is famous for is writing thrillers.


Language Review 9-10, page 102 

Exercise 1

1 receipt; back 

2 up; stock 

3 off; bargain 

4 around; sale 

5 in; till


Exercise 2

1 c; cut 

2 a; repaired 

3 d; tested 

4 e; developed / taken 


Exercise 3

1 had got 

2 wouldn't have come 

3 'd had 

4 'd have stayed 


Exercise 4

1 can't be 

2 guess 

3 doubt 

4 looks 


Exercise 5

1 busker 

2 DJ 

3 choir 

4 string quartet 

5 orchestra


Exercise 6

1 That's my neighbour walking his dog.

2 This watch, belonging to my father, is worth a lot of money.

3 Listen to this song written by my teacher.

4 The bride, wearing white, walked down the aisle.

5 This is the DVD given to me for my birthday.


Exercise 7

1 The film was terrible, so few people came to see it.

2 Hurry up! We've only got a little time left!

3 Most teenagers don't play much sport.

4 Don't ask me. I have no idea where he is.

5 None of the exam questions were easy.


Exercise 8

1 kind of thing 

2 doesn't appeal 

3 sounds 

4 particularly interested 

5 really love


Skills Round-up 1-10, page 103 

Exercise 2

Anna thinks that Libby asked Mike if he liked ballet because she wants to go to see a ballet with him.


Exercise 3


2 a 

3 d 

4 a


Exercise 5

She bought tickets for Romeo and Juliet. She pretended they were for her and Anna but then said she couldn't come, so that Anna would give her ticket to Mike. Her plan to get Anna and Mike together worked. 


Exercise 6


2 F 

3 T 

4 F 


6 T 

7 T

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