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Unit 1 Generations, 1D Grammar, used to, page 11

Exercise 1  

1 used to visit

2 used to love

3 Did, use to play

4 used to have

5 Did, use to live

6 used to argue

7 used to go

8 didn’t use to be

9 used to make

10 didn’t use to go


Exercise 2 

2 I didn’t use to wear glasses

3 I used to drink milk

4 I used to be afraid of dogs

5 He used to collect stamps

6 She used to be a teacher

7 She didn’t use to speak Japanese


Exercise 4 

2 Did she use to have; No, she used to have long hair.

3 Did she use to work; No, she used to work in a café.

4 Did she use to play; No, she used to play tennis.

5 Did she use to wear; No, she used to wear shorts and a T-shirt.

6 Did she use to go; No she used to go horse riding in the winter.

7 Did she use to sleep; No, she used to sleep in a tent.


Exercise 5

1 b

2 a

3 a

4 b

5 b

 Інші завдання дивись тут...

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