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Unit 1 Generations, 1G Speaking, Role-play, page 14

Exercise 1 

1 should phone

2 ought to take

3 you should take

4 you ought to

5 ought to decorate

6 you should speak


Exercise 2

Most time: topic 4

Not discussed: topic 3



Examiner So, tell me about the English student who stayed with you.

Student He was called Harry and he stayed with us for a month.

Examiner Did he share your room?

Student No, he didn’t. He had my bedroom, and I shared with my brother. It was fine. What are you going to do when your student arrives?

Examiner Oh, we’ve got a spare room – so she’ll sleep there. But we need to make the room nice for her … put up some pictures, that kind of thing.

Student Yes, good idea. And will she go to school with you while she’s there?

Examiner Yes, she will. I hope she fits in OK.

Student Harry really enjoyed going to my school. It took him a few days to feel comfortable there, though. He didn’t understand most of the lessons because they were in a foreign language!

Examiner Did he have to do the homework?

Student Yes, he did. But of course the teachers knew about the language problem. He actually did well in some subjects. He helped me with my maths!

Examiner My student only speaks English. She’s going to have problems at school, I’m sure.

Student But she’ll learn quickly. You’ll be surprised!

Examiner I suppose so. Actually, I’m not really worried about school. My main worry is, will she miss her friends and family?

Student Yes, that’s true. A month is a long time. But you can help her to feel at home.

Examiner Do you think I should have a party when she arrives, so she can meet all my friends? That might make her feel at home.

Student Yes, that’s not a bad idea.


Exercise 4 

1 share

2 make

3 took

4 do

5 did

6 miss


Exercise 5 

A topic 3

B topic 4

C topic 2

D topic 1

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