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Unit 2 Leisure time, 2A Vocabulary, Love it or hate it, page 18

Exercise 1 

1 gymnastics

2 chess

3 weightlifting

4 horse riding

5 ice hockey

6 cards

7 ballroom dancing

8 ballet

9 bowling

10 camping

11 ice skating

12 table tennis


Exercise 2 

1 bake

2 hang out

3 read

4 make

5 read

6 text

7 watch

8 use

9 collect


Exercise 3 

do +

1 drama

2 martial arts

3 photography

4 ballet

5 gymnastics

6 weightlifting

play +

1 basketball

2 board games

3 a musical instrument

4 volleyball

5 cards

6 chess

7 ice hockey

8 table tennis

go + 

1 BMXing

2 cycling

3 rollerblading

4 running

5 shopping

6 skateboarding

7 ballroom dancing

8 bowling

9 camping

10 horse riding

11 ice skating


Exercise 4 

1 photography and  gymnastics

2 ice hockey and running



1 I’ve always loved photography, and used my dad’s camera for ages. I’ve taken loads of photos with it, but it’s a bit oldfashioned. I’ve never had a really good camera. Anyway, I finally bought a new one a couple of weeks ago. Now I’ll be able to take some really good pictures. My other hobby is gymnastics – I do it at a local club with other teenagers. I love being part of the team. The only problem I have is that I don’t do gymnastics or photography as much as I’d like to. I’m so busy with homework and other things.

2 I’ve always loved going to the ice-rink and not long ago I took up ice hockey. I’m still a beginner, but I really enjoy it. I’ve got my own skates and my parents gave me a stick for my birthday last month, so I don’t have to borrow one from the club any more. I used to only like individual sports, ones that you do on your own, like running. But now I much prefer to be part of a team.


Exercise 5 

a 2

b 1

c 2

d 1


Exercise 6

I enjoy go running and shopping. I often go running on the stadium near my school. I try to follow a healthy lifestyle. I usually go shopping with my friend. I like to buy new things. And also spend a lot of time with my friends. It's very relax.

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